you’re tall…and i’m asian

one of our vietnamese girls was trying to explain the difference between herself and this girl a while back and that’s how it came out, “you’re tall and i’m asian.”  it’s just all a part of a day in the life….

today i’m really thankful.  i have a job i really love and a life i love even more.  i’ve just been really pensive on this rainy morning.  sipping my coffee, preparing for my day and realizing that my life is so great.  God has blessed me beyond measure here in my early 30s.

for those of you who may not have the most current twitter feed on my life, here’s a small update.

i’m teaching language arts at a small private academy.   it’s so great.  our girls are middle/high school age and amazing.  we have great volunteers who come in weekly to help out.  but really the school was just the beginning for me.

one7 ministries is a family that two amazing people, who have become some of my closest friends, created in the inner-city of charlotte.  their goal is to love these kids and show them Christ simply by having a presence in the community and offering whatever they have to give.  it’s a very acts church environment…giving to each one as they have need.

many of you know i spent christmas of 09 in india.  there God birthed something in my spirit i have never been able to shake, and now i see exactly how He is tying my life experiences together in this place at this time.

the academy began 2 years ago with the goal of catching these bright young ladies up with their peers and then graduating them on time with their class.  in the fall of next year we will begin year three of six.  they are so fun.  their work ethic is amazing and they are making their way through our language arts curriculum at an unbelievable pace.  if you want to know more about them you can check out the one7 academy blog.  you can also find out more about the ministry, the start of the school, our newsletter, our soccer teams and so on here.

one7 feels like a pocket of the 3rd world right here in charlotte.  i spend part of just about every day between central and eastway.  hanging with our kids, supplying needs and watching soccer.  i teach as much american culture and life with Christ as i do the english language…

and it’s perfect

as we move into the last quarter of school, i’d like to ask you to join me in prayer.  pray for the academy girls.  that they would continue to grow, not just educationally, but spiritually as well.  that we would be diligent in work and maximize every opportunity we have.  please pray for the ministry also.  we are a 501(c)3 and are totally funded by donation (that includes the school).  our overall giving is down this quarter for the first time and we are looking to God to provide what we need.  in case you are interested in donating either to the ministry, the academy or both there are donation details here.

[ps any donation that is made today or tomorrow-before the end of the month-gets a t-shirt of your choice for free.  they’re pretty cool, i may or may not have designed them myself]

we all have a part to play, some to plant, some to water, some to harvest.  and together we are the church.  that phrase we started with has become a funny, but defining phrase of diversity:

you’re tall…and i’m asian


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