it’s more than just a green jacket

Outreach at Elevation is epic to say the least.  We have a highly coveted green jacket for core team members and liaisons to our partners.  It is unmistakable: kelly green with the Outreach logo on the front, the signature LOVE on the back, white piping…awesome.  People are constantly asking what they have to do to get a green jacket.  Although lovely, Outreach is so much more than just a green jacket.

I’ve been participating in Elevation Church for 4 years now.  I totally love it and in various ways it has changed my life dramatically.  Most recently, that has been through Outreach and specifically one of our Outreach Partners, One7.

I began serving with the Outreach core team right after LOVE Week 2010.  In the beginning, I’m not sure I had a title.  However over the last year, Chris (Elevation’s Outreach Director) has deemed me the Chief Technology Officer of Outreach.  I love Outreach…period.

I lost my job in May of last  year and as I worked through the unemployment process, Chris kept saying, “I just see you rockin’ it out with one of our partners.  I’m just not sure which one.”  Not that I didn’t take him seriously, I did, but there just didn’t seem to be a good fit at the time.  So, I kept chugging away, asking God what He was doing and where He was trying to direct me.

Fast forward to late August…still searching, still seeking, feeling like my life and ministry in particular had come to a screeching halt.  I was pretty sure the teaching chapter of my life was closed, so I was intensely looking elsewhere for work.  Keeping my head up most of the time, but beginning to feel the financial vice-grip and not knowing where to turn next…on a Thursday, I get a phone call.

That phone call changed my life.  Over the last 8 months, I have learned so much.  I have changed and grown at mach speed.  I am teaching in a new and fresh way.  I have learned what Luke recorded in Acts 2 after Peter’s compelling sermon: to live in common, to share with everyone as they have need.  I’m realizing that none of what I have is really mine in the most practical way.  I see the Church every week as I worship with kids from over 15 countries.  We live and love together as a family.  I’m learning to lead with humility…asking those that will, to follow me as I follow Christ.  One7 puts flesh and action to the principles and teaching of Pastor Steven.  So much of what I’ve learned from him on a Sunday I see and have learned to live out at One7.

I look at my life, what I have, what I do and how I serve completely differently than I did in August.  It’s totally God working in and through David and MC to teach me to truly live ministry and not just make it a box I check.  I wouldn’t be here today without Elevation, Outreach, Chris, Laci, One7, David and MC…together they are the 6 separations of ministry for me and how God has brought me to a place where…

it’s so much more than the green jacket


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