i feel like God opened up the fire hydrant on me this weekend.  you ever feel that way?  i can’t determine if it’s because i was dry and He was just getting to the point or what, but it’s been an amazing few days.

normally, i would tap out my thoughts on the specifics of how and why i came to my hydrant reference.  but today, i think the conclusion i have come to this morning is more significant.

God is putting flesh on His vision for my life.  the thing that He designed me specifically for seems to be coming out of the mist of my heart.  i don’t know if you have ever seen the movie brigadoon, but it seems to be appropriate here.  the basic premise is that Gene Kelly stumbles across this magical village in scotland which appears out of a mist once every 100 years.  the rest of the story, however sweet, is really irrelevant.  that’s how i feel today, like my personal calling…the one i was created to live out every day, is slowly coming out of the mist of my flesh.

so many things that i have heard over the past few months and years from spiritual leaders and teachers are flooding my thoughts.

the process is the point

i’m the head and not the tail, above and not beneath

i have a place that is only mine to fill

God intended more for me than i have for myself

it’s completely insane, of course, but i’ve come to understand that if i don’t feel that way, it’s probably just my vision and not His anyway.

i think i’ve been waiting for some neat little package to fall in my lap and open up with a step by step plan.  not on purpose, mind you, but who really knows how God does these things?  i see how He has been carefully aligning the pieces of my life like a chess game.  where i take it, how i act on what i now perceive will determine the future of this vision in my heart.  the people He has brought into my life, the place He has given me to serve and my perspective on the worth of His work in and through me right now makes three things crystal clear this morning.

1.  my love for these people is fierce

2. if i am faithful with this handful, He will bring more

3. if the women He has pointed me to today are the only lives i ever touch…it will be enough, and much more than i deserve

so, there it is…the totality of what is in my spirit this morning…i’ve made a list and i’m moving forward.  i am not worthy, but i am called

i am flesh infused with Spirit

weakness supported by Strength

sin cloaked in Righteousness

a compilation of sinner and Savior


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