the journey begins…4 weeks and counting

i just re-read my last post and oddly enough, it is remarkably connected to where God is taking me.  it’s almost as if He let me marinate in those truths for 3 months that my heart would be seasoned with everything i need in order to follow Him, once again…

to India

it is totally unexpected.  totally out of the blue of His sovereignty that i find myself obediently following His voice to that country i came to love in 2009.  He, of course, is not surprised.  He knows that now is the time and so, has expertly crafted the sum of my circumstances to put me in a position to go…quickly.

as the school year came to a close, we had some concerns about the girls progress with language particularly.  we had several meetings with an amazing consultant after which i spent significant time in prayer and fasting over what was best for the girls and therefore what God was asking me to do.  i knew i was not what was best for them and that the best thing for the girls would be for me to step aside and allow someone with more experience and knowledge of language to step in teach them.

simultaneously, God was working in the lives of my friends from india.  about a month ago, they asked several of us to pray with them that God would bring some specific people to help them and the ministry they have.  i, of course, committed to pray, but didn’t have any details other than that.   as i prayed through my own situation i was reminded of theirs and emailed to ask how things were going.  come to find out, they had not found what they needed and essentially had given up for the fall semester, deciding that God must be planning to provide in another way.  their email included an invitation to pray over the proposal myself and consider taking it.

i did and immediately the hand of God paved a way for me to join them in just 6 short weeks.  i had no visa…i was told that not many extended visas had been given out in the last year or so.  i wrote a cover letter, sent it off and in 3 days i had a 10 year visa (the longest one they give) in hand.

that was week 1

next i began to craft a support letter.  trying to explain that this opportunity is both providing me with much needed experience for what God has called me to do in charlotte as well as giving the girls the specialized attention they need educationally has been complicated at best.  but everyone that has heard this story agrees that God is at work and these events could only be orchestrated by Him.  a budget was set, letters were printed and the process of raising support for this journey began

week 2 came to a close

so here i am.  at the beginning of week 3, with lists to make, items to gather and money to raise.  I am overwhelmed by the body of Christ.  people are both excited and prayerfully expectant at what God is about to do in the life of one.  for, although i am one, i am in One.  God has crafted a vision in my heart for women and girls scarred inside and out.  He is preparing the way for the work i began with 5 amazing girls to spread to the other side of the globe.  i do not take my task lightly and i know that what i do there and how He grows me will better equip me to do what He has called me to do here.  to draw out the spirit of creativity in broken women…to bring beauty from ashes.

there is a lot to do…

4 weeks and counting


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