dila | heart for india

Some of you know that I thought I was headed to india with a media team this last spring.  As it turned out, we met in the thriving metropolis of boiling springs to update and create all the new print materials for my friends and their work in india.  We had a great time and (if i do say so myself) i think the results of our time together are pretty great.

it was during this time that i did some research of a few key hindi words and phrases, not the least of which is the title of this post.  dila is the hindi word for heart.  during my first visit to india, God absolutely gave me a heart for this beautiful country and its people.  if we have talked for any length of time in the last two years, i’m sure my time in india has come up.

i was profoundly impacted by a country, a people…a culture that is so absolutely other.  names, faces and experiences are forever imprinted on my heart.  i see how God is using the vision of one family to impact the culture generationally.  the least likely human resource is being leveraged for Christ from the heart of the country for the heart of the country.

children, teens and adults are being trained to seek out the vision that God has for them.  they face incredible odds and are reminded that the statistics do not account for the God they have come to know and love and who had a purpose for them before they were born.

and so i thought it fitting to create a reminder for myself and anyone who will choose to join me
Add an Image on this journey.  a reminder to pray for me and my time there.  a reminder to pray for india.  a reminder that a great work continues to reach the heart of this beautiful country.

the dila | heart for india bracelets are available for purchase with all of the proceeds going towards my 6 month stay in this beautiful land that has stolen my heart.  they are red rubber and cost $5.   if you are committing to join me in any way, i encourage you to have one.

if you would like to buy any number of them to sell on my behalf please let me know.  thanks so much for what you are doing to make a difference in the lives of those around the world.


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