my heart is full

i’m sitting in the airport in amsterdam, listening to chatter in several different languages.  I can’t help but wonder how it is that i am here in this place, at this time.  my journey to india continues.  i knew this time would come.  I just had no idea when, or where, or how.

but here i sit. watching the sun come up outside the glass wall with tails of planes pointing the way.  and i am in awe.  in awe of the One who has chosen to use me…of all His choices.  this has been a journey.  i knew one day His path would lead me back to the country that stole my heart, but i had no idea the time would come so quickly.

i have a great life.  i get to pour out my life every day for others.  i am a part of a Movement that can not be explained in human terms.  yet i am confident that this is His time for me to return and continue the journey i began several years ago.

so i am expectant.  i know i am on the cusp of something incredible.  something i will try to explain and relay to others for the rest of my life.  everything previous…preparation.  preparation for this season, for this moment.  my emotions are barely containable.  undulating under the surface of my spirit.  for the time is now, it has come, and…

my heart is full


2 responses to “my heart is full

  • Kellu

    So excited for you. I will look forward to your blog updates. Love you!

  • Jim Mullen

    Laura – well said! I not only read your words I feel your love for India. Mom and I have prayed that you would discove God’s will and do it with all your heart. That is what you are doing with your life. I am so proud. DAD

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