of conferences and protein

last week i had the privilege of beginning my time in india with some amazing ladies at a conference outside of delhi.  it was just what i needed.  i’m so grateful that i had this experience on the front end of my time here.  it gave me the opportunity to adjust to everything…food, time zone, weather, customs…all of it.

i was pleasantly surprised at how much i remembered and how easy this transition really was.  of course the environment there was extremely helpful.  they had a pool and a spa (nicer than i thought existed outside of goa).  i was able to enjoy both while we were there…truly readying myself for the next six months.

a couple of things struck me there in conversation with these wonderful women who are all working in various parts of the country.

1.  there is a lot of interest and work being done in india right now.

2. many if not most of these women are here either in submission to their husbands or the leadership of their respective organizations.

this was a complete shock to me.  it had just not occurred to me that even among these women, my friend and i were part of a very small group that are here because we actually have a love for this place and its people.  apparently that is more unusual than i thought.  it was very sobering.  not that they haven’t fallen in love with the people and all that is being done here.  but it was not their choice exactly to be here.  let me tell you…if you are coming here to live and you have no concept of the way of life and temperament of the people – it can be more than overwhelming.  i can’t imagine moving here with no knowledge of what it is like and without a deep desire to be here.  if you think of it, you can join me in lifting them up.  theirs can be a daunting task.

after the retreat, we flew to the heart of this fascinating country (where i had to pay extra for my bags that were weighed in kilos and not by how many i had and then by weight – you just never know what you’re going to get sometimes).  we arrived safely and as i began to filter through everything discovered that one of my jars of protein powder had been opened and not carefully closed while being inspected at the airport…that is not surprising…but the smell of chocolate and fine grains of dust all over the inside of that bag.  now that was surprising.

since the monsoon season has not quite left us for the fall, the air is very wet…so you can imagine my earnest desire to remove all powder from my clothing and inside my luggage prior to the next rainfall, at which point it would become a paste and attract every ant within a square mile (which is a lot, for those who may not know).  So i spent my first morning beating my clothes outside the gate of the house here forcing as much of the powder into the dirt and street to be carried away with the wind and rain and hopefully not to return in the house with me…whew.

outside of that these first few days have been spent, drinking chai, learning the school routine, checking out my house across the street, and purchasing the most beautiful clothes in the world.  we went out to dinner as a family tonight – i love the food here. (yes, i had crispy veg…if that means something to you, you should be jealous.  it was delicious.)

tomorrow we will go to the tailor’s after school and to check out some items i may be able to purchase from some friends who are moving back to the states.  my house was being painted today.  some electrical things need to be taken care of and i’ll be on my way to setting up house.  pictures to come soon!

please be lifting up the work here as you think of it.  the first short-term team arrives on sept 9 and a few days after our leader will be flying to the states for a conference.  there are some partnership opportunities on the horizon and as we have a lot of mouths to feed, a vision to flesh out and bills to pay we are excited about the possibility of others coming along side us as we carry out the work the One has sent us to accomplish.

may He guard your heart and mind this week in all your going out and coming in.

much love, from the heart of india


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