to be here

in my first week, i can’t believe how much has happened.  i already feel like i’ve been here so much longer than the calendar tells me.  it’s been good and i hope that this feeling continues.  as i have been talking with my friends about my house and what will be done, a thread emerges in our conversation.

i want to be here.

i don’t want to spend this time as an american living out of a suit case.  i want to set up house, quite literally.  to learn to prepare food the way they do.  to get up, go to sleep and have a routine that is indian in nature.  i was called to this and my calling is not partial or bound by the culture i come from.  it is bound by the One who called me and where He has chosen to place me.

so, in all ways i want to embrace this experience.  to support my friends in the work they are doing.  they lead all the time.  there are few opportunities for them to be poured into.  although, i feel inadequate to be the one to pour into to them and their wealth of experience, i know that He does not call the equipped, but equips the called.

i want to set up house as an indian would.  i want to always be prepared to have someone for chai.  to be a welcome host and gentle friend in this neighborhood.  it is not easy.  things are very different here.  i want to take this culture on as my own and live in such a way that He would increase and i would decrease.  that those i live among would ultimately be pointed to Him even if they never hear me speak His name or in a language they understand.  it is a large task, but one i know He can complete in me.

so when you think of us, lift us up.  as i try to seek Him for a Word of encouragement, whatever it is that my friends need to hear.  those words of encouragement.  that confirmation that their vision is strong and that it will come to fruition.  that He is pleased with their sacrifice and will continue to bless it.  and that i would point the way and clear the path for those i come in contact with.

because for this season, as much as possible, i want to be indian…

to be here.


One response to “to be here

  • Jeffrey McCurry

    His’s blessings Laura, You don’t know me, but I knew you when you were born. Your dad was my wife and my teacher and my basketball coach in highschool. I’m glad to see you serving, even if it is through our electronic world and not in natural sight. Please know you are in my prayers. Jeff

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