poured out

today we had school at my house for the first time.  we made it work, but it will definitely be better when we can sit at the table and not have to avoid the “pool” in the floor of the living room.  we had a very long hard rain last night so i’m finding out where the water comes from…and where it likes to sit and grow mosquitoes.

today also happens to be teacher day in india.  i began my day sleeping in a bit (not on purpose, but still had plenty of time for chai and breakfast).  my oldest student started my day off right with a beautiful magnet she made for me to put on the omari in my front room, when it arrives.

i found ants in the suitcase that holds my snacks.  not many and not actually in the sections that held snacks…but they were looking for them for sure.  so we loaded those up and took them to my house as well, to be put into plastic containers and keep them away from those little guys.

we have had a busy day since school.  we came back for lunch.  i did a couple loads of laundry and took them up to the roof to dry.  i also worked on a case for support for my friends.  he will be traveling to the u.s. at the end of the month and so i am helping him put together updated packets of information to take with him.

at 3:45 it was time to head to the weekly women’s meeting where my friend leads local ladies in song, with lessons and training on how to make some of the most beautiful items you will ever see.  it is so encouraging to see so many women and  bringing friends with them who do not believe.  my friend is such a uniquely gifted person.  she started with just a small group of women, teaching them about the One and to make crafts and items for sale.

it has grown and flourished into something truly amazing.  they are called the titus women…nothing could be more appropriate.

now there are membership opportunities that allow these beautiful women to make money for their families.  for some of them it is the only time they get outside of their house during the week.  some of them have husbands who will not allow them to come to services on the weekend, so this is their only opportunity to hear the Word and learn each week.

next week my friend will be out of town on the night of this meeting and i will be sharing and helping to lead with one of the ladies that has been coming for a long time and is a strong helper.  please join me as i ask for guidance and direction.  that my words would be from Him and that they would cross the language barrier to reach these women who need a fresh touch from Him.  this is why i have come.  why i have been sent.  that i would speak the name of the One who gives me life.  it is a humbling thing and a great responsibility.  may my heart be emptied of myself this week and filled to overflowing with Him, so that He alone is

poured out


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