lost in a world of darkness

this morning i slept in a bit and after breakfast (i should do a post on the food i’m eating, its so good) we walked to my house for school and prepared for our day.  I asked my middle student to ask for blessing over our day and i was totally blown away by his petition.

it brought tears to my eyes.

this little one, so young and yet so deeply aware of the pervasive darkness in this country.  he fervently requested that everyone in the whole country, turn from the idols and false teachings they have heard and believe in the One who can really rescue them.  that they would see that they worship nothing but an empty statue and He would send them someone to tell them the truth.  this has been the cry of my own heart for over two years now, specifically for this country, but somehow in my short time here i have already begun to compartmentalize school and separate it in my mind from from the great Work i am a part of.

how could this have happened?

i barely had time to process this before he was finished and tried to regain my composure and proceed through our day.

but the thoughts that stirred in my soul have remained on the surface throughout this day.

how often do i submit menial and weak requests…for a day, a meal, a meeting forgetting the very real issue at hand.  that many are lost in a world of darkness and this day, during this time, while i am about the business at hand, would He rescue even one from a fate worse than death.

…and a little child will lead them

he certainly did.  may my focus continue to sharpen as i am about my Father’s business.

later today i realized that this is the day that many people not only in our city but all over the country take the idols they have been worshiping and throw them in the local river.  it is a huge celebration and there is drumming and dancing in the streets following a multitude of statues, made of paper, hay, plaster and money.  they are paraded through the streets in happy procession and dumped into the water, where they will dissolve and continue to pollute an already dirty water source.

how can this be?

i find it no coincidence that today was the day that my student taught me so much through a simple conversation with the One he knows can find these lost sheep.  for He knows them by name and desires a relationship with each of them. One that can take there seemingly happy empty dancing and turn it in to the most fulfilling, meaningful worship you can imagine. may i be ever mindful of these things.  not only for this concentrated six months, but for the rest of my life…no matter where the Work of my Father may take me, that there remain those who are

lost in a world of darkness


One response to “lost in a world of darkness

  • Jeffrey McCurry

    Father I ask Your blessings on my dear sister and guidance for her mission there. Please empower her faith with Your Holy Spirit to guide those lost in a world of darkness, into the Light of Your Salvation. We praise You for Who You are and make this petition in Jesus’ name.

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