for those of you still waiting on the after pics of the house…so am i.  as we often say – tii, this is india. i promise i haven’t forgotten and when it’s finished i’ll be sure to get something up about it.

today i want to start a string of posts i’m lovingly referring to as opportunities

this is the part where i want to make you painfully aware of the work that is being done here and even more so the work that could be done.

there are children here.  precious children who have no one capable of caring for them properly.  some have been brought here by single parents unable to care for them.  some have lost both parents to disease, war and premature death.  in either case, these children are here.  they are being educated, given clothing, a place to sleep and good food to eat.  they are the apple of my eye.

you can not imagine how they worship…with reckless abandon.  true examples of how the little ones are the examples set before us.  they stand every week in church and testify to the goodness of the God they love.  how He has protected them, provided for them, healed them and more.  they memorize blocks of scripture every week and recite it in front of everyone.  they are being changed, from the inside out.  their smiles melt my heart and the love they have received pours out in overflow on anyone they come in contact with.

many people have come here over the years to see this amazing opportunity.  even in india it is not inexpensive to feed and clothe so many.  somehow, despite what seems to be an ample number who know, there remain many who are left without sponsorship. we have over 80 orphans at this time and over 20 staff members to keep everything running smoothly.  one woman coordinates feeding over 125 people 3 times a day.  there are not microwave meals – hand made bread, hand cut veggies, milk that must be boiled and more must take place 3 time every day.  one woman is responsible for this, one.

you may not have the ability to come here and cut vegetables but you also are one.  one that could provide the funds for one orphan…or maybe more.  $50 a month can provide for one of these beautiful children.  currently 1/2 the orphans are not sponsored.  obviously we can’t only feed and clothe the sponsored ones…so i’m sure you see the need is great.  funding for half the children means funding is pulled from other areas in order to care for them.  With the proper sponsorships the children’s home could be self-sufficient, leaving other funds free for their intended purpose.

so here it is…your first opportunity

sponsor a child.  find someone who can sponsor a child.  get together with friends or another family and sponsor a child.  somehow i know we can find a way to sponsor 40 children…for $50 a month.  it is not much.  it can and must be done.  click here to find out how to answer the call…and in this challenge lies your




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