for the children

in my last post i challenged you with the amazing opportunity of child sponsorship.

today i’m going to walk you through what we do with the $50 you send.

all of the students attend schools that require tuition and uniforms.  clothes and shoes for church and school are bought with these funds.  all of the children below a certain age are given milk every day.  three hot meals are provided (all made fresh/by hand each day).  filtered drinking water is always available.  they are given beds, mattresses, sheets & blankets.  any medical attention that is required we provide it…this summer one of the girls got glasses that she desperately needed. dentist visits, daily vitamins, etc.  several of the kids have had colds as the weather changes and the monsoon moves out.  medicine for them is purchased from these funds.  every child gets a homemade cake and a new set of clothes on their birthday…the list goes on.

if you have children…multiply what you do by 80 and you will have an idea of the task before such a small group of staff – and they do their work with such excellence.  as you can imagine, no need goes unmet.  however, when so few of the children are sponsored that means general funding for the offices, building/construction, general running of the organization and other areas must be pulled to provide for these little ones.  if each student had a sponsor then all other funding currently being pulled to provide for them could go back to its intended purpose and work could be done quicker and more efficiently.

as you see the entirety of the work unfold  you will see so many areas that are effected by this seemingly small thing.  people sponsor children all the time…and it’s good and well to do for any child any where.  but how much more so when you know not only that the children receive 100% of the money you send…[did you read that?  i may need to type it again…the children get 100% of the money you send in sponsorship.  who else does that?] but also that they are in a loving environment, where they are told the Truth and given an opportunity to know the One who created them.

they learn about purpose and vision here.  they learn that each of them has a unique calling all their own.  they are given space and place to uncover that potential placed within them and are encouraged to rise to the challenge and fulfill that purpose for the Glory of the One and Only.

it’s more than a children’s home…it’s a training ground for the next generation.  it’s something you should be a part of.  seek His face and then do something with what He tells you

for the children


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