for favor

currently, the leader of this organization is traveling in the US to discuss support and potential partnerships.  please keep him and the organization before the Father as he boldly speaks on behalf of the work here.

it is no small thing to live half a world away from those you depend on to financially support the work you have been called to do.  to know how to stay connected…to find creative ways to follow up with those who make verbal commitments…to see those commitments through to completion.  it’s a daunting task.

so today, as we come to your mind, and in the future.  I want to ask that you breathe a word of favor over us.  what has been done up to this point was the hand of the Father.  we know He will continue to be faithful in the future, because (as my Pastor so eloquently puts it…)

His past performance is the best predictor of His future ability

i love this truth and as we look ahead we know that our job is only to continue to be obedient.  to speak when given the opportunity and trust the One with the results.  He knows our need.  He hears our heart.  He has the answer, even before we ask.  so we humbly come before Him once more and ask…

for favor


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