instead of ashes

Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.

titus 2:3-5

i see these words lived out in flesh among a group of women here.  this group is the heartbeat of my very dear friend.  something the Father birthed in her several years ago.  in small steps and stages she faithfully followed Him.  first opening her home to a handful then moving the meetings to the church and now over 60 titus women come each week to worship, hear the Word and craft.

it seems so easy to write the words that sum up the years of this ministry.  however, this journey is taxing.  women from every nearby neighborhood hear about the money that can be made here and are interested to come.  the culture is so different in some ways, but in others very much reminds me of our cutting-corners mentality in the states.

so my wise friend put several things in place to ensure that the mission and vision are always the center, to keep “the love of money” from overtaking.  every monday the meeting begins with worship and a devotion.  there is no way for anyone to give or receive work for the next week without first hearing the Word.  next is attendance.  memberships became necessary to separate those who were simply curious and had no intention of joining the vision of this group from those truly committed.  a new attendee must be present 6 times before receiving their membership card and official titus women number.  they are then able to take work, turn in work and receive payment.

the key element of the foundational verse is this…

working at home

this group is not your grandmother’s sewing circle. my friend explains…

every sunday the most common prayer request is for the families’ financial needs. many families are in debt and in need of more income. so in june 2005, titus women ministry was birthed to help with this need. titus women is a handicraft training ministry that helps women work at home and support their family through creative designing, crafting and marketing handmade items.  as of today, over 60 women meet once a week from our church and local community!

many people are benefited by this ministry. this not only helps support the families of the women, but also the local church through the tithe. [my friend] purchases all items from the women and resells them in the USA. 100% of funds raised are sent back to india.

it is an incredible ministry.  giving the opportunity to over 60 women to provide for their families while staying at home.  they are hard workers.  they do not mind the sometimes tedious work (ie hand sewing every sequin on a purse or scarf – wow).  they are some of the most beautiful women i have ever met.  they are who i think of when i read the words of isaiah

a crown of beauty

instead of ashes


2 responses to “instead of ashes

  • Nikki Clifton

    Laura your writing is so beautiful! You really are a great writer…please keep writing. It encourages me in the call I’ve received, the dream in my heart, and the passion that I feel is quenched in my day to day things here. Thank you!!

  • Susan Frank

    Laura, I praise Our Creator God that in you I can see a glimpse of His love for his creation. You have been given the gift of not only seeing and hearing but being able to record what you see and hear. I so enjoy “hearing” from you.

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