34 things

today is thanksgiving…and my 34th birthday.  i have already been treated like a queen today.  american breakfast, gifts from the whole family i work with, cake, prayer, more gifts, pizza lunch, more cake (yum), new clothes and a party on the roof tonight.  i am so grateful for so many things i thought i would make a quick list for you of things am thanking God for this year (in no particular order).


34. realizing it doesn’t take as much water as you think to take a shower
33. bible study
32. friends who know me
31. provision
30. a persistent Savior
29. pumpkin pie…even in india
28. prayers of little ones
27. american breakfast
26. tailored clothes
25. skype
24. email
23. phones
22. my lil green house
21. elevation, the house where God planted me
20. gas stove that works when there is no power
19. power
18. those who support me and encourage me in this life i’ve been called to
17. vision
16. calling
15. indian food
14. worship
13. pedicures
12. fulfillment of Divine promises
11. Light in the darkness
10. one7
9. one7 academy
8. handmade things
7. chai
6. hope for the future
5. the excitement of christmas
4. good movies
3. my roommate
2. my family
1. life with

and so many more. thank you joining me on this journey.  may you and your family be blessed more than you can ask or imagine.  happy thanksgiving.  what are your

34 things?


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