day in the life

wow it’s been a long time.  so much is happening – we have officially moved into the new office, preparation for the christmas team is almost complete, i’m preparing presents and things to be sent home…wewh!  its amazing how every day seems to be filled with something and yet i do not feel the usual hectic stress that can accompany this time of year, and for that i’m grateful.

i’ve had a hard time recently putting anything into words.  god is doing so much and at break-neck speed.  seems like it just needs to simmer some more before i write about it.

i thought a little peek into my average day might be interesting…so here it goes.

monday through friday starts with school with the kiddos.  i get up around 7:30 or so.  my 2 cup packet of milk (or doodh – yes that’s pronounced like dude) arrives, hand delivered by one of the boys.  i unlock my gate for the day, get the doodh off the wall, i take that to the kitchen and boil it with all the ingredients for the perfect cup of chai.  meanwhile i get big bow of water from the reservoir in my wash room and boil that as well for a hot bucket shower.  (keeping an eye on my chai so it doesn’t over flow when it comes to a boil.)  i fold up my blankets, make my bed, figure out what i’m going to wear and then take my hot water to the wash room.  i take a shower, hang my towel to try on a nail and get dressed – usually in a salwar suit (which is the traditional everyday wear for women here).  it’s a long top (kourta), big baggy pants (salwar), and a “scarf” (dupita).

i sit down with my cup of chai and either cereal or biscuits and my Bible.  i then get the room ready for the kids and school.  if i have time i’ll jump on-line with my usb internet and check email.  then school from 9-12 or so.  after school i go back to my wash room where i hand wash all my dishes from the morning in a red dish pan on the floor by my only drain.  yes, mom, i used filtered water – but that i have to get from my friend’s house so i have 6 bottles that i refill everyday to use for washing dishes and cooking.  i then head to my friends house for lunch and nap time for #3.

my afternoons i spend either helping with office work or prepping for the team, except mondays…mondays i love because we spend our late afternoon/early evening with the most amazing women.  they are the titus women who make all the awesome items found here.  i heart mondays.

be praying for us as we meet these next weeks.  we have been sharing the christmas story with them.  as many of them are not christians this is a huge outreach opportunity.  some of them are hearing this story for the first time.  we will be having a christmas party with them as well…it really is an awesome time.

then we pack up what they have brought to sell and come home for dinner.  after dinner i head back to my lil’ green house, check email, work on research or whatever projects i have going on, boil water for a cup of tea and head to bed so i’m ready to do it all again the next day.

like i said…every day is full.  i love it.  it’s a pace and routine that i enjoy very much.  we usually head to town a couple of times a week for grocery shopping or other things that must be done in town.  you pre-pay your phone and internet here so we have to go to town to do that.  we also go out to dinner about once a week…there is some amazing food here.  i love that too.

so i guess that about does it…just another

day in the life



One response to “day in the life

  • Jeffrey McCurry

    Thank you for sharing with us your life. I sat with my 8 yr old and 7 month old granddaughters reading your blog to them, explaining where you are and what your are doing for the Lord. Aleya was especially interested since her step mom’s name is Laura also. I think Grace just wanted to get at the keys of the laptop. God’s blessings from Aleya and Grace McCurry and also from Tina and me

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