so many things

as i sit and listen to the sing-song sound of the children thanking God for His many blessings in 2011, i can’t help but be challenged by the overflow of their spirit.  they have so many things for which to be thankful – what a perspective.  would that i could pour out at the end each year such a sacrifice of praise to my Savior.

we had a winter rain tonight.  it has been very cold, but last night it warmed up quite a bit.  all day today was cloudy and late in the day it started to sprinkle.  the power flickered off and on all evening – perhaps in attempt to keep the celebration under control as we usher in a new year.

as evening gives way to night it is damp.  the occasional fire cracker fizzles in the distance.  the lullaby of mummy’s voice continues to count her blessings to the group while the smaller children fall asleep.

the power is out again.  older boys scramble to get battery operated lights. kids continue to stand in the dark and thank God in detail for all He has done this year.  another fire cracker.

it’s humid.  without the whir of the fan the moisture of the day hangs in the night air.  it is black outside.  the crickets chirp in perfect unison.  the generator beeps in complaint at being called on yet again.  the kids begin to whisper.  my sweet girl smiles widely as she gives her thanks, a soft glow of candlelight on her face.  she is beautiful – honest in her gratitude.

how can i leave this place?  how can i go back?  when will You allow me to return?  how long must i be separated from these precious people?  the undulation of their speech.  the glint of sequins and shimmer of metallic threads.  the smell of dust and earth in the air.  these children that were so small and now have grown to young men and women…teaching a new generation the wonders of Your mighty love.

in a country where someone always seems to be celebrating something it is rare that everyone celebrates anything all at once.  new year is the exception.  now, in my house, the smell of smoke and firecrackers, damp dirt and matches drifts through the every crack and cranny.  from right outside my gate to kilometers away i can here the pop and crackle of thousands putting one year to rest and birthing a new one in it’s place.

nobody celebrates like india.

as i reflect not only on this night but on the many nights of the last year i can’t help but be in awe of how much He has done, not only here, in this place, but in me.  the vast expanse of one.  the depth of the other.  He is the author and perfecter….incredible.

so as the chain reaction of new year’s spreads from one side of the globe to the other, i am humbled, prayerful, thankful…

and so many things.

happy new year, the best is yet to come.



2 responses to “so many things

  • Nikki Clifton

    so beautiful…You Flora…are truly gifted with your words! I remember that New Year celebration and you described it PERFECTLY!! 😉

    • Laura

      thanks nikki madam 🙂 i have had such a hard time getting words down on paper the last month or so. last night it just all came out. i really appreciate your encouragement, about my writing, but also just in general while you were here. it’s good to have someone who knows. thank you again for your generous gift. glad you are home safe. love you.


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