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today has not been my best day.  i don’t say that for your sympathy or anything…just being real.  we all have bad days, we just don’t usually talk about them that much.  after realizing that part of my problem was effort on the part of the enemy to make me feel defeated, i stopped trying so hard and prayed.  (please note i don’t always get this one right either, but today the Spirit in me prevailed.)

i was given some time alone in the house this evening and it is exactly what i needed.  some time to reflect, to listen, to absorb.  my time in india is drawing to a close all too quickly.

outside a local shop has been playing pooja long and loud all day.  i’m not sure what has prompted this side-street concert of worship to yet another lifeless god.  meanwhile, birds chirp happily.  dogs call out their territory to one another.  chipmunks chatter as they skitter from rooftop to tree.  but above it all this repetitive drumming, chanting, clinking.  it makes me think.

in just a little while on the other side of the world my local church led by my anointed Pastor will embark on another night of what we are calling the Code Orange Revival.  it’s amazing.  already people have packed out the house to hear from some of the best preachers and teachers of the gospel for a total of 12 nights.  it’s streaming on-line (although my little usb internet can’t quite keep up) and so far people have tuned in from 6 continents (those penguins in antarctica can’t seem to get it together) and all 50 states in the u.s.

i’m so excited about the training that is happening, the awakening of the body of Christ.  i am praying for each preacher, each night, each volunteer and each hearer of the word during these days.  but my greatest prayer is that it doesn’t stop on jan 22 when the lights go down and the parking lot is empty.

there is work to do.

re-enter that incessant pooja from down the street.

i am reminded today that, while i would love nothing more than to be able to participate in some way with this amazing revival, i’m right here in the heart of where the work is.  and i have four weeks.

four weeks here to make the most of every opportunity.  to invest in people, encourage, challenge…complete the work He has given me for this time.

because there are still people living in darkness, offering the best they have to…nothing…no one.  giving their worship…all day, to idols that don’t have ears to hear.

may we all have a renewed sense of urgency this year (not just in india, but wherever you are):

to humbly reach out to the lost

to boldly point them to the cross

to train up the next generation to do the same…and more


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