and listen

k so i had an amazing vacation.

granted it was BELOW ZERO when i started my day and crept back down there at the end…but wow.  this country is amazing…who needs an african safari…indian safari is where it is at.  we were up WAY before the sun, but it was so great…a little wind/sun burnt, but not bad all things considered, i’d say.  i sat in the back of an open gypsy jeep from 5:45am till 12:00pm.  we had breakfast out on the reserve and saw a slew of animals including but not limited to:

more birds that i could tell you about
dozens and dozens of spotted dear…the bambi kind with velvet antlers
peacocks…like 15 of them
gaur – which is like a buffalo/bison huge thing
sambar – which is like an elk/giant dear
and the tigress…awesome

a couple of thoughts from this day.  as we rode into this national park there was frost on all the grass and it was super cold and dark, but i got to watch the sun rise over india…and it was absolutely covered in FOG.  (note:  my Pastor uses this acronym to describe the Favor Of God and i couldn’t help but think of that all day.)  i teared up several times as i prayed over this beautiful country.  it was breathtaking…i have pics and video, but nothing will do it justice i’m afraid.

so, there is the fog.  even in the frost there was something incredible about it.  watching the plains, hills, mountains, trees and animals wander out of this beautiful white mist.  a new day dawns on this country that God loves.  teeth chattering as we talked about how much it felt like the u.s. but it’s still india.  that earthy smell that is unique to this place.  but here in the jungle.  protected by the government, it’s a natural, organic smell.  uncontaminated by the pollution, secluded from the chaos, nestled in the mountains and valleys of this great nation.  waiting.  waiting for the next gypsy to come by and catch a glimpse of the greatest Artist ever, brilliantly displaying some of His best work.  animals of all kinds.  deer?  I don’t know why, but I did not expect to see deer on this little jaunt in the jungle…but there they were in groups by the dozens.  amazing.

later in the day we were waiting for the tiger to come out of the jungle.  we were stopped and could hear her making her way through the underbrush.  we sat there listening to her for probably 15 min before driving on, because it sounded as if she moved away from the road.  we almost missed her because she ended up crossing right where we were and
disappeared just as quickly off toward where the guide said she had her 3 cubs.  we went around another way hoping to catch her coming towards us, but she never re-emerged.

i couldn’t help but think how sometimes we get it.  we wait and wait on the Holy Spirit but eventually get impatient and instead of waiting a little longer for God’s sovereign timing we move on…only to circle back and just catch a glimpse of what He is doing from behind.

i think that sometimes we are willing to turn off the gypsy and sit and listen, but after we listen and listen to the same rustling it’s almost like it eventually gets lost.  even in the silence.  did you really hear something?  is what you heard even what you thought it was to begin with?  is it possible that you are going nuts?  and so, eventually, we let ourselves be talked in to moving on.  the spirit isn’t really here, and even if He was, He wouldn’t choose to come out here right in front of you in broad daylight?.  no, little one, pat you on the head and send you on your way.

all that to almost miss Him completely.

so, i guess my lesson from the indian safari is just that….don’t miss Him.  don’t be so busy, so loud, so “about” the work that you miss the Reason for the work.  sometimes, all He wants is for us to turn off the jeep

and listen


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