every end is also a beginning

i find it hard tonight to put into words my six months in india.  i’m so overwhelmed with emotions.   we say here that for everything you “know” about india, the opposite is also true.  i’m finding that more than ever, as the dogs snore on the font porch and the fan whirs its lullaby reminding me that i must get some sleep before my long journey home.

all is quiet in my friend’s house.  our plane leaves early in the morning for delhi and so i’m spending the night here with them.  i said good-bye to my lil green house today.  it seems so empty and shut up as i tucked away all i’m leaving behind and covered it up to protect it from dust and such till the next volunteer arrives to take my place and have a lil green house of her own.

we’ll spend the day in delhi tomorrow just us girls.  it will be a great day.  we are bringing my friend’s daughter with us as her birthday gift.  she is so excited.  after a long day i’ll make my final preparations, make sure every item is packed and accounted for and board the first of 3 planes that will take me home across 10 time zones and who knows what else.

i’m excited to see my family and friends again, but i will miss this place.

with all my heart.

i love these people and the beautiful country they call home.  perhaps on another day i will board a plane that will bring me back in this direction.  if God says yes, so do i.  but for now, i say good-bye to india.  it’s mark is forever on my heart.  it’s people forever in my prayers.  and i say hello again to life in the states. for…

every end is also a beginning.


2 responses to “every end is also a beginning

  • Debe Taylor

    How beautifully written – brought tears to my eyes. My heart was heavy for you as you prepared to say goodbye to a people and place you have come to love so much. Praying for you!

  • Eddie Hodges

    Welcome Home Laura, I am glad you got the opportunity to serve there in India. I know it was a blessing to many.

    God bless you.

    Uncle Eddie

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