what’s next

many of you have asked “what’s next” for me as i return home.  while i have not been intentionally illusive in this area, i know i have not had much to offer.  i don’t want to settle blindly back into a routine unchanged by my indian experience.  i do want to reconnect with those i love and serve with here.  it is not harder than i thought, in fact, quite the opposite.

but it is different…everything is different.

the life i left last fall does not exist.  which is good i guess, for i am not the woman i was.

i cannot help but be changed.  potential has been mined from the soil of my spirit and begs to be birthed.  passion for my Savior and the Church He came to save burns within my veins.  vision for the life my Creator designed specifically for me to live comes sharp into focus like never before.

so much change…where to begin?

two things i know…and so i bring them to you.  for you are people who pray and you are who i need.  pray and see if God would lead you to continue to partner with me as i journey on.

several of you are so encouraging of my writing.  probing to see if i will ever grow beyond this blog and be published in other ways.  i believe that answer is yes.  so here you will find a letter explaining what i believe God has for me in the arena of writing.  please pray for me as i seek to be obedient.

many of you are curious as to when i might return to the country that stole my heart.  an opportunity arises that quickens my heart and i want to share it with you as well.

when i arrived, last fall i attended a women’s retreat with my friend.  this retreat is for ladies who are foreign to india but have been called to there work.  some are married to indian men and others are serving businesses/organizations within the country.  it is a yearly retreat for them to come, wear western clothes and recharge for what God has called them to in india.

my friend has asked that i coordinate a team from the states to come and put on the retreat this year.  a guest speaker has been secured as well as a small team of ladies that will provide: worship, 1 on 1 counseling, pampering, welcome bags, and other goodies/gifts from the west.

this is a short trip and our purpose is to go and provide a restful experience for everyone.  they have tried in the past to organize a team from the states to take the planning pressure off of the coordinator(s), but it has always fallen though.  you can imagine how this takes away from their ability to rest and relax.

please pray for our team.  right now we are securing support for our $1400 plane tickets.  we must book in the next few weeks in order to keep the cost where it is.  it will only go up from here.  this is the largest expense we will have.  our  in-country expenses will be around $850 (making our total support need around $2250 each).  for details on how you can support me as i follow my heart and my savior back to india click here.

i made so many friends at this retreat last year and am still connected with several of them.  i feel like i don’t know a lot of things right now.  so much seems uncertain.  but of these two things i am sure…i am to write and i am to go.  please pray with me…for

what’s next


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