heart felt thanks

a year ago i was thanking you for beginning a journey with me.  one in which i followed my Savior across the globe to the people of india.  i thought, perhaps, it would be the beginning of a life of ministry and work in that country.  although that may yet be true, it has played out far differently than I planned.

uou see, during my time in india, the Lord brought to my attention some areas of my life that needed some serious attention.  spaces and places in my heart and mind not fully surrendered to Him.  i came home in february with a very different perspective.

coming home was exciting.  i missed my church, my family, my friends.  however, trying to communicate 6 months in 6 sentences or less was daunting.  i became discouraged and the longer i was home the harder it became to translate my experience.  what God did in me and around me was incredible, but i struggled to reintegrate.  i allowed it to delay me in expressing to you my gratitude for all you sacrificed to make my time in india possible.

and for that i am truly sorry.

there is so much work to be done.  my heart aches for the people with their dark eyes and brown skin, whose hearts beat like mine.  i want to join the believers there and see God do miraculous things bringing more out of the darkness and into His marvelous light.

i have spent a solitary summer.  it has been a season of clearing out and letting go.  of making Him the center.  of deliverance.  of obedience.  of listening, ever so carefully for His heartbeat.  it has not been an easy time, but i know that He is preparing me for a greater life than i ever could have imagined.

i wouldn’t have come to this point without you.  i could never write my story without including you and your obedience.  so thank you.  it doesn’t seem quite enough, but thank you, sincerely, i would not be where i am today, without you.

attached, please find the first of what i pray will be regular updates for what God is doing and where He is taking me.  God brought 3 women, at just the right time, to be His instruments in the excavation and restructuring of my life.  i now have the opportunity to join with these amazing women of God, those He used in my time of greatest need, to serve on the west side of charlotte for the next year.

thank you for sharing |dila|…

my heart for india

isaiah 61


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